Old World Italy, LLC was founded in 2012. Our main goal at the start was to provide a place to make our Original Cappelletti Makers available to the general public. See our Cappelletti Page for details on those. Shortly after starting, as we approached others to carry our Cappelletti Makers, we were given opportunities to help develop their own inventive ideas. We currently have a few new ideas brewing. With my background being in design engineering and my capabilities with 3D Modeling CAD software we are able to push ideas forward work on getting them through prototyping and into manufacturing. Keep watching this site as we bring these gadgets to life.

From the many requests we’ve had, we added several new items. We are now offering handmade cutting boards and our very own Cutting Board Balm wooden board and utensil conditioner. These are great new offerings all in keeping with the tradition of quality handmade products.

Traditions are important…they define us…they help answer the question, “Where do we come from.” They also point to our future. It is important that we teach the younger generation about how and why we do things. What makes us a family.

This whole project started when I came across the original Cappelletti Maker my Dad assembled many years ago. Although we mostly used the newer ones that he made following his original design, that first one had weight in my hands. I felt the connection to him as I examined the cutter made with a red wooden screwdriver handle with the letter “A” scratched into the side. I remember the times before each holiday making these special pasta treats with the Cappelletti Maker and a flood of great warm memories washes over me. It is not just the Cappelletti Maker but the whole act of getting together with family that makes all of this special.

We hope our offerings help others relive those memories that make the time with family special. Whether carrying on a familiar tradition or starting a new one I would hope it will include making something together that the family can enjoy.