Cappelletti Maker

A brief history of the Cappelletti Maker:

Original Cappelletti Maker built by my dad

The original cappelletti maker built by my dad.

For years my grandmother, mom and aunts would gather before a holiday or other special event and make cappelletti.  They would roll out the pasta, fill the little squares they made then fold them over and begin to shape the “little hats”.  My dad loved to tinker and invent.  One day in the 1960’s he came home from work and presented my mom with the very first Cappelletti Maker.  It was fashioned from a cutting circle, some wire and a screwdriver handle.  Since it was time to make Cappelletti for the upcoming Christmas holiday dinner they gave the cutter a try.  It was declared a success and my dad made a few more for my grandmother and aunts.  Since then it has become part of our holiday tradition to make cappelletti with the cutter.  The original is still in use today more than 50 years later.  I hope that by making these available to everyone some of the holiday tradition can be captured.

How To Use Your Cappelletti Maker:

Making Cappelletti

Making cappelletti at our table…Don’t forget the glass of homemade wine.

We usually start by making small meatballs or filling balls about the size of 2 pencil erasers.  Once the meatballs are made, begin rolling out the pasta dough.  Make strips about 5 inches across by about 2 feet long. Roll the pasta quite thin. Next start placing the meatballs on the pasta spaced out about 1 inch apart. Roll out a second piece of pasta about the same size as the first.  Lay the second piece on top of the meatballs. 
Homemade cappelletti up close

The little hats.

Make sure they are all covered.  Pat the layers together lightly. Keep a small bowl of flour nearby.  Dip the cutter in the flour then begin cutting your cappelletti with a down and slight twisting motion.  You will be presented with a perfectly shaped “little hat” – cappelletti.

View Our How-to Video Below

Basic Pasta Video How To Below

Caring For Your Cappelletti Maker:

Your Cappelletti Maker will give you a lifetime of use.  Just follow a few simple guidelines.  Always make your cappelletti on a wooden cutting board.  Hand wash then dry.  Never put your cutter in a dishwasher.


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    • Hi Rose,

      You can purchase directly from the website via the paypal link or you can find them at the following locations:

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  1. This looks just like the tool my grandmother has been using at least since the 60s. She had hers made by someone and we thought it was the only one that existed. I wonder if she knew your father? I saw that Doma’s in Dunmore also sells one but it is more expensive and not as nice so I hope your locally made version is a big success. I’ll be stopping in to get one. You mentioned future improvements on your website – have you thought about re-designing the handle – maybe a T-shape. Our hands get sore after cutting out a few hundred. Another idea is to design a metal form like the Ravioli forms but smaller to make it possible to roll out a dozen or two at a time.

    • Hi Mich
      Thanks for the comment. My Dad worked in Eynon and had many friends, he may have known her. We call it the original because my father was making them by hand just as we do, but they may have been around before that. I have no way of knowing anything different as that whole generation is gone now. We haven’t thought about a T handle before but it is something we can look at. We actually are developing a few other products for the site. The hardest part is finding US companies who can supply the parts at an affordable price so we can keep the finished product affordable but still made in the USA.


      • My family has made these for four generations. I was online looking for capeletti cutters and came across your site and video. I was amazed at how close your filling recipe was to our family’s. Great Grandma added celery, onion and garlic to the filling while cooking it and ground it into the meat mixture. It has been our family Christmas dinner along with raviolis for who knows how many generations. The only thing diff. Is the cappelletis our cooked in chicken broth and served as the first course, the ravilolis are with sauce for the second caurse. Thr ravilolis have the same meat we just add a bit of Swiss chard sautéed in olive oil and garlic. I so agree with the other lady. I thought we were the only ones who made these, 2, we make over 300 cappe and our hands really hurt after that many. I also would love to see a form or at least a T shape. My family is also from wilkes-barre PA. I will be ordering some of your cutters.

        • Hi Deborah,

          Thanks for the comments. This has been a tradition for generations in our family. We do the cappelletti in both sauce or soup. It is always a discussion when we make them and we try to switch off every year or two. We typically make about 1000 to 1200 per holiday. We serve it as our primo corso, then the turkey comes out for il secondo.

          Your recipe sounds similar to ours. Although we follow the traditional recipe for the holiday cappelletti, I’ve experimented with many fillings for the cappelletti. One of my favorites is to take a small piece of provolone and wrap a bit of prosciutto around it to form the ball. Make the cappelletti, then boil them for a few minutes, drain them and sauté them in a little olive oil and garlic. Yum!

          We’ve looked at doing a “T” handle but it pushes the cost up and we are working hard at keeping the Cappelletti Cutter affordable. But…We keep our eyes open for a good solution though.

          We have some additional items that we will be featuring on Old World Italy. We had several size cutting boards manufactured by a local woodworker as well as the long pasta rolling pins. We also have a Cutting Board Balm that will be available soon. It is used for treating new or recently cleaned cutting boards. It is all natural and not only restores the wood but helps keep it clean from use. Look for it on the web site in the next few weeks.

          Thanks again for your comments. Bernie

          • Thank you for your provolone, prosciutto recipe. Sounds amazing.
            I will look at your other tools as well. I forgot to mention that my cousin has something like a template. It came from Italy. She says it really helps make the project go faster. I don’t know how big you market is, and I understand that must br considered in making a more expensive product, though I must say that it seems that there are quite a few of us that would purchace a capellti cutter that would make this project a bit easier. As you know the Ravs are much quicker. Have a blessed day

  2. My grandma made Cappelletti every Christmas for us also. Nice to read other family’s stories. Miss my Dad’s side of the Family. Thank You

    Joanne Barton (Pecci)

  3. I have a tray to make cappelletti that is just like the ravioli tray but much smaller. My Mom had it for years. It makes 40 cappelletti at a time. It is a job to roll the little balls for the tray. I did have a tray that was a little larger (just about midway between the caps and the ravs) but it cannot be found and I am searching for one because they were just right. Would you consider making a tray that size?? It was great. I do hope to hear from you–not on the web-site but in my personal email. Thank you very much—Marie PS I also have the ravioli tray that makes 12 ravioli. And the machine to roll the pasta with a motor and the machine to make the pasta.

    • Hi Marilena,

      Thank you for contacting us.

      você pode comprar diretamente de nossa
      Web site com paypal. por favor escolher o transporte internacional
      na página de compras.

  4. Are your products made in USA or even better in Pennsylvania? Also you might want to reach out to Fantes and see if they would carry your product. They love to carry made in USA products and local products as well.

    • Thank you for your interest in our products! Yes we can ship to Australia. To order go to and click on the Shop Now tab where you can view our products and place your order. Please use the button for International Shipping. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me directly

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